Friday, February 10, 2006

Cindy Wright: the flesh of paint

Cindy Wright, Skin 2, Oil on canvas (2004)

What I like about these works is that beyond their apparent photo-realism hides a playfulness only possible through painting. It is as if we discovered that beyond the surface of things lie some other levels of things which make them differ. Thus, real skin is different from a photo, a photo is different from a painting. And, mind you, the skin above is different from yours: it hides different shadows.
Different shadows.
Oh, and one more thing: doesn't this man seem a little crazy? (Maybe not crazy? Maybe wild enough?)

It's Jan Fabre. Nice touch.


Hans said...

Yes the beef, a big theme in art. I am becoming sad remembering that wonderful Soutine sold 2 days ago at Christies, I never saw this one in real, so sad, I really want. Link to Soutines "Carcass"

nolansimon said...

The meat paintings are lightyears beyond the figure pieces.

Brock Neilson said...

I love meat paintings and just paintings of raw muscle in general, something about that stark redness and fibers is invigorating.

The portrait is a knock out! Very beautifuly painted.

Andre said...


Music & Art said...


Music & Art said...


moon said...

i loved the "Skin 2" it is a remarkable presentation of light, and flesh and form, it's a life then life it self


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