Sunday, October 30, 2005

Roi Kuper


marfa said...

interesting////how do you like masłowska?

vvoi said...

I've only read her last novel and found it absolutely delightful, though at times, well, infantile. I wish it were possible to translate it - but then, it wouldn't make sense, since it's just so based on the Polish context.

Moon said...

Hi, from where do you know Roi Kuper??? he is one of my favorite artist photographer (actually, i have an original amazing art work of his at home )

do you know his site?
so much beautiful photos!!!

and again, i have so much interest and joy to visit your place!

vvoi said...

I have no idea how I found him, just surfing through the artwaves on the net... I suppose he must have been in some recent exhibition, but I really couldn't tell you! I was simply enchanted by the pictures, their delicate balance.

Thank you for the kind words, moon!


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