Thursday, November 24, 2011

Looking at the robots, I think

David Lewandowski, going to the store

Robot maker Azusa Amino recently won the Robot Japan 2 Dance competition with his 23-centimeter-high Toko Toko Maru robot. 

- they are the un-ego, the dream of letting go of the source. They are a life whose source is the non-live, whose origin is not identical, so a different, non-human causality comes into place. The source, here, is the source-code. And that makes all the difference. Saying it is matter brought to life explains nothing. Think, rather, of metamorphosis, of alchemy, of things becoming not-themselves. (Of us becoming not-ourselves). The robot is not a robot if it remains the sum of its parts. It is a robot when it does something it is not supposed to do - when we see it as inhabiting itself. (It - who?, we ask, excitedly). They are our hope for the unexpected: if we can control everything, and the result is somethig more than what we were making, then there is no everything.
And we can dream on.


web design lancashire said...

what interesting videos, that first one kinda made me laugh but yet had a scary element to it, would not like to see that on a dark night

Marnie Hughes said...

Creativity truly knows no bounds. Never would have believed a dancing robot could look that convincing!

Catherine South said...

That is such a cool little robot! I like the little hop she does at around 00:50

kRBn said...

Amazing robot dancing with a nice chinese choreography!


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