Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Old-Time Avantgarde

Oh, and on a different note, here's a little bit of pre-mash-up mashing up, for your listening amusement, the one and only John Oswald:

It is a fascinating feeling, to realize that today's contemporary is tomorrow's retro, that no matter what, everything we wear, listen to, appreciate or create today will be looked at in just a few years with a paternizing, if not condescendent, smile. Timeless art? Pl-lease. The very feeling of them not being timeless, of being dated, is part of the pleasure of appreciating them. Age can work for the work, but it is still at work.



Part of the enjoyment for me in thinking about art is considering how a work or an artist responds and relates to different formulations of history(ies).

The videos you provide here immediately make us aware of that question, and further make us aware of how much aesthetic mutation has taken place over the past several decades. I'm curious how you understand the Guggenheim/YouTube partnership that just happened, given that Guggenheim has curated 125 videos from 23,000 that (according to them) are about 'what is to come', and not 'what is present.'

healy said...

Great videos. . .THanks for sharing


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