Wednesday, May 26, 2010

We cannot go back

Maybe art, maybe some art, maybe this art, maybe some of this art, serves turning the absence opaque, that is, making it at once palpable and impenetrable, so we cannot go back, so we are stuck in the appreciation of this strange, utopic now, and any attempt to overcome it, to look for the actual empty space, meets the opacity of an object, an image, a substitute, substitute not of a reality, but of what ceased to be, of the void that hence remains beyond us, happily or unhappily, hard to say, replaced by the fundamentally meager and helplessly sublime moment of a hesitant, aesthetic, experience, too private to be credible, too credible to be intimate, and yet ours, because we want it to be, because we claim it as such, because we know we inherited it from the silence that came before.

The picture - entitled (...) - is by Marek Wykowski. (Found by Gocha)


Marla Lombard said...

Bleak and pure. Whites on white like Malevich. Sad and elegant. Spare and ornate. The numbers are a coup. And then that 1 parking space, sans snow. Gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

When I first glanced at this image, I had the impression that it was a freshly interred grave in perhaps a pauper's graveyard or some other anonymous setting. The staccato rhythm of the buildings and the bleakness seemed to affirm this somehow as well as the lack of direct human presence.

I've read the text of the post several times now and looked at the image and for some reason I return to it again and again. I think it's the enigmatic and somewhat morose feel to the photo that grabs me. The photo is like a story that I want to read but cannot because it's written in an unknown language.

ingred said...

what a beautiful post

Kristin Hjellegjerde said...

To be honest I am not sure if I think this piece is that interesting but I do think your blog and your writing about the piece fascinating. I bumped into your blog searching for information about Magdalena Jetelova.
And I would like to be a new follower. A slight bit intimidated by the strict comment policy, but I will post one anyway. All the best.

Erika said...

Love the commentary - perfect complement for a fine piece.

metal storage boxes said...

At first the image looked a bit creepy and depressing but after a careful second look, it really is quite smart!



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