Tuesday, January 29, 2008

EXITO=success / EXIT=exit

I am delighted to inform you that I have been invited by the TR Warszawa theater (Warsaw, Poland) to create and direct a video department/workshop/center/section/thing. There is great enthusiasm concerning the project on both sides.
Thus, I am thrilled to be going back to Poland (at least for some time).
Thus, I am extremely sad to be leaving Portugal (at least for some time).

I hope to have more on this initiative in a few weeks.

For now, all my friends and friends of this blog are invited to a farewell party on February 2, at a place that will be disclosed any moment.

UPDATE>> we will be partying at the Lounge bar (www.barlounge.blogspot.com, although I have no idea how knowing the virtual address can help), at rua da Moeda n.1, in the Cais do Sodre area (by the post office, near the ETIC school). We'll be starting around 11pm. See you there!


Matka said...

What a joyful news! Warsaw is enchanted!Palace of Culture is dancing!
You will be welcome home with a glass of champagne and pierogi ruskie.

L.M. said...

Congratulations. Is Poland a Fatherland or a Motherland? My grandparents never disclosed that to us.

Mike said...

Hey great blog!
Take a look at my art and review if you like!


vvoi said...

lm - Fatherland - ojczyzna. Which is somewhat strange, given that «Poland» is of female gender in Polish (Polska) and as an archetype it «feels» more feminine. But then, the idea of fatherland is more about «the country of my (fore)fathers». And in this sense it would be (pleasantly) surprizing to have it correspond to the mother, which - as a Polish arche/stereotype has it - is a woman hidden behind the man, sacrificing herself for the country and the family (and God, of course), etc.
As for me, I am going home to mommy's house for the moment, so it is fatherland and Mother´s land, a combination I appreciate.
BTW, the idea of fatherland has been intriguing me for a while now and i might start some work on it, so the question is on the spot.

Anonymous said...

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