Sunday, July 09, 2006

Installation for the soccer maniacs

Police in Berlin said on Wednesday they had arrested two men on suspicion of placing cement-filled soccer balls around the city and inviting people to kick them. At least two people injured themselves by kicking the balls, which were chained to lampposts and trees alongside the spray-painted message: "Can you kick it?"
I agree with ann that the message seems unnecessary, but the work does have a pleasant, sadistic thing about it. Especially if you're living in a country like Portugal.

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vvoi said...

my mother's comment:

what do you mean by pleasant and sadistic?
And more broadly speaking, this is an idiotic joke (...).
Is it worth bothering (yourself and others) about this sort of primitivism?
Does EVERYTHING demand the loudest reaction possible?

My answer:
In Portugal there is maybe 0,1% of people who are not soccer afficionados. At the same time it is a country without greater achievements in 99% of other domains. They simply spend most of their life, most of their free time, cheering for a team
at dinner elegant parents explain to their children why some bloke moved to a left wing position
buses have the line number disappear to show a sign that they support the national team
etc etc
and so indeed in this case EVERYTHING demands the loudest reaction possible

Hans said...

To me its like a good Laurel and Hardy-Joke, liked it...


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