Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Jack Vettriano as wall decorator

"I just consider myself a trader. I take my goods to the marketplace and try to get the best price I can."

The greater glory of art doesn't come into it, he confirms. "That's not why I paint," he said. "It's wall decoration for me, I don't regard it as this big meaningful thing. My subjects are men and women getting off, that's all. Mind you, some people don't think sex is serious, but I happen to think it's terribly serious."

from an interview with Jack Vettriano


Hans said...

But he just illustrates boring and oldfashioned ideas of sex, and does bad compositions

Anonymous said...

"Hans" is out of his mind. I recently discovered J.V. and it took me into a dreamy, sultry, sophisticated "bad girl/bad boy" world of fascination and desire. The emotions are strong and the composition is appropriate. I am an artist that put painting on hold for a number of years. Finding Jack has made me want to paint again. I find myself trapped in his paintings...yearning for more....very tantalizing.


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